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At your scheduled appointment, you will be asked to sign a Medical History, a Consent and Release Agreement, and a Photography Release Agreement. The Medical History and Consent and Release Agreement are kept on file, along with before and after photos and are required for insurance purposes. The Photography Release Agreement is not a mandatory signature, but it does allow me to showcase my work on social media and for marketing and training purposes. 

The consent forms also go through a detailed client history and inform you of the risks and hazards involved with undergoing any cosmetic tattoo procedure, as there are many things to consider and any number of medications, skin conditions, or other cosmetic procedures can and will affect the outcome of the cosmetic tattoo.

Skin Medications:

Retin-A and Accutane are skin medications that create extreme skin sensitivity and it is best to wait at least one full week after last use of Retin-A and one full year after last dose of Accutane before doing any cosmetic tattoo procedure.  Failure to wait one full year after using Accutane will result in keloid scarring.

Cosmetic Procedures:

Laser resurfacing, Photo-derm, Intense Light, Chemical Peel, and Glycolic Acid are all treatments that will require avoidance of the tattooed area to limit the fading of pigment.

Botox  - it is best to wait 4 months before a brow or lip tattoo procedure.

Fillers - it is best to wait 4 weeks before a lip procedure.

MRI - it is best to do a cosmetic tattoo procedure at least 1 month before or wait until at least 1 month after (you will feel a little burn)