Yumi Lash Lift Enhancement is the enhancement of your natural lashes without the use of artificial or mechanical aids.  Yumi lifts and curves the lashes upwards by targeting the natural keratin within the eyelash hair and the eyelash is gently guided onto a specially designed silicone lifting pad.  Each individual hair is then sculpted to create the illusion of longer lashes.  Each treatment is designed specifically for individual eye shape and eyelash length. 

Yumi Lash Lift Enhancement:

lasts 8-12 weeks - the natural life cycle of an eyelash

treatment is approximately 60-90 minutes

lash lift, anti-aging gel pad treatment and lash tint all in 1 treatment

no monthly fills

no maintenance

no removal

paraben free

formaldehyde free


sport and activity proof

lash growth serums can still be used

Yumi Lash Lift


Yumi Lashes Clear Mascara*


Yumi Lash Lift and Mascara


*the use of Yumi Lashes Clear Mascara is highly recommended as it conditions and nourishes your lashes in between treatments.  Yumi Mascara prevents lashes from becoming dry and fragile and can be used as a primer for regular mascara.  It will also protect your treated lashes from the sun, wind, and water... perfect to take on a vacation!

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